March 15 Rehearsal Canceled - Beware the Ides of March!

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Posted By: Marc Feeney
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, Mar 14 2022

Hey,  folks.  I hate to do this,  but we're going to need to cancel tomorrow's rehearsal as well.  I promised Tom this week off to work with his movers. My backup plan, Alicia, has been selected for jury duty.  I am completely incapable of playing anything more complex than Heart and Soul on the piano.  Probably would struggle with that,  truth be told. It just seems like the universe is telling us to enjoy an early bout of spring weather.

The good news is that we have plenty of rehearsal time still available.  In fact,  we'll likely cancel another rehearsal or two in the coming months to give you all some time back before our concert(s). More info on that soon.

Thankfully, Marc Walter has uploaded rehearsal tracks for everyone.  Lock yourselves in your car for an hour and sing along with those! 😁

Still waiting to hear back from Del Webb for final confirmation on how our show schedule will ultimately fall. I hate that this is not fully resolved. It makes me itchy.  I promise you will know as soon as I do. 

Leadership team: can we still meet tomorrow to discuss some of the outstanding season needs?

We'll see you all again on March 22. If you volunteered for the swabby thing,  remember that is the new day for it. Have another lovely week and a Happy and safe St. Patrick's Day,  if you're so inclined!