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  • Season 8 Kickoff!!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 17 2023
    Season 8 Kickoff!!
    You've been waiting so patiently.  The day is almost here!

    Fishers Community Chorus will start its 8th season on September 12, 2023 at Hub And Spoke in Fishers (7pm, doors open at 6:30).  We'll socialize for a while, then do some singing.  You'll get a preview of the season ahead of us, and information on how to join our merry band of minstrels!  We'll unveil a few new events and technology enhancements as well.

    If you can't make this event, we typically keep registration open for a couple weeks.  Make sure to reach out to us to let us know your plans.  We're always flexible, within limits.😁 .Subscribe to our calendar for more important dates.  They aren't all there quite yet, but they will be by 8/12. Follow our facebook group as well for more conversations and fun musical meme wars and this Facebook event for more details as they arise.

    We'll see you in s few weeks!
  • FCC e-Calendar - How to Subscribe
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Aug 8 2023
  • Holiday Concert Season is Upon Us!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Nov 21 2022
    Here's info on our first performance of the 2022 holiday season.  Bring the whole family and enjoy some great music and holiday spirit! HCCB concert poster
  • March 15 Rehearsal Canceled - Beware the Ides of March!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Mar 14 2022

    Hey,  folks.  I hate to do this,  but we're going to need to cancel tomorrow's rehearsal as well.  I promised Tom this week off to work with his movers. My backup plan, Alicia, has been selected for jury duty.  I am completely incapable of playing anything more complex than Heart and Soul on the piano.  Probably would struggle with that,  truth be told. It just seems like the universe is telling us to enjoy an early bout of spring weather.

    The good news is that we have plenty of rehearsal time still available.  In fact,  we'll likely cancel another rehearsal or two in the coming months to give you all some time back before our concert(s). More info on that soon.

    Thankfully, Marc Walter has uploaded rehearsal tracks for everyone.  Lock yourselves in your car for an hour and sing along with those! 😁

    Still waiting to hear back from Del Webb for final confirmation on how our show schedule will ultimately fall. I hate that this is not fully resolved. It makes me itchy.  I promise you will know as soon as I do. 

    Leadership team: can we still meet tomorrow to discuss some of the outstanding season needs?

    We'll see you all again on March 22. If you volunteered for the swabby thing,  remember that is the new day for it. Have another lovely week and a Happy and safe St. Patrick's Day,  if you're so inclined! 


  • FCC 2021-2022 Season Reconvenes Tomorrow!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Feb 7 2022
    FCC 2021-2022 Season Reconvenes Tomorrow!
    Ladies and Gents!

    Remember that Tuesday, Feb 8 is our first post-holiday rehearsal.  Tomorrow will be an easy one.  We'll do a quick listen/read-through of some tunes with high potential for this Spring's concert, then probably adjourn a bit early.  Will be updating the website throughout the week to update dates, song info, and other pertinent details.  If you have not already subscribed to the calendar, I recommend you do so.  There won't be a lot of dates to remember for this half of the season, but we are still waiting on a couple of those planes to land for final confirmation.

    You know the drill.  7pm, Hub & Spoke  😁

    I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!!
  • Interval Ear Training
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Nov 7 2021
    One of the best ways to teach your ears what the distance between notes sounds like is to associate them with commonly known examples.  Here's a quick video providing some of those references.  
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Understanding Music Theory
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Sep 28 2021
    This is a pretty wide view of music theory, but its done in a fairly digestible format.  This video is one that's good for reviewing your understanding the mechanics of music.  It will likely not make you a better singer, but it will definitly help you better understand what is happening in the music you are seeing. 
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Why practice sight singing/ear training
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Sep 28 2021
    Here's the why behind the method of sight singing.  This video goes over how you can benefit from training your ear.  Some examples of interval mnemonic devices for intervals start around the 9-minute mark on this video.  You are very likely to hear me reference some of these in rehearsal.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Ear Training Exercises
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Sep 28 2021
    Here is the first of a series of incremental sight singing exercises that you can do at home.  They vary in length and difficulty.  For the full collection, check the "for more information" link attached.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Daily Scale Exercises
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Sep 28 2021
    Here is a set of quick (4 minutes in total) exercises you can do on your own on your way to and from rehearsal.  Warning: These are all pretty easy...until you get to the last one.  Proceed with caution to the 2:46 mark.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Season 6 Kickoff - Meet & Greet
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Sep 13 2021
    Season 6 Kickoff - Meet & Greet

    Fishers Community Chorus Returns!

    FCC returns from hiatus for another season of song, civic pride, and camaraderie with a Meet & Greet on September 14 at the newly opened Hub and Spoke Design Center (8100 E 106th St, Fishers, IN).

    Meet the current members of the chorus, as well as a few new faces. We'll end the evening with a 30-minute master class on basic vocal techniques that will surely help you knock the rust off of those over-rested pipes!

    Light refreshments will be served, and more details about the season will be available for all in attendance. We'll see you there!

    Interested in more information, but can't make the meeting?? We hate to miss you, but please email us at We will include you in the formal announcements that will go out in the next few weeks.
  • Here We Go Again!!
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Sep 4 2019
    Here We Go Again!!


    We’re looking forward to seeing all of our returning members and the new faces who have signed up. If you are interested but did not sign up, please still attend, but be realize our supplies are based on signups.

    We’ll be there at 6:30 for early mingling opportunities. We’ll get started right at 7!

  • Coming Soon - Projekt: Opera
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Sep 1 2018


    December 3, STAR Financial Bank presents Fishers Community Chorus’ Christmas concert!


    Visit our Yapsody page to purchase tickets for all upcoming Fishers Music Works ensemble productions!

  • Season 4 Approaches
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 2 2018

    It was supposed to be our offseason, but we found ourselves with so many great opportunities to perform and socialize, we couldn’t stop!   Totally worth it!

    In May, we finished our 2017-2018 season with a great concert at Geist Christian Church, in front of a great crowd.  At that season finale, we were able to raise over $400 for Fishers Youth Assistance Program, which helps provide meals to underprivileged children in Fishers while school is out of session.

    June was a great time for us all to recharge our batteries and spend some time with friends and family.  In June, we received an invitation to perform in the city of Fishers’ annual ArtsCrawl, which took place in July.  So, we fired up the rehearsal engines and got together a few times in order to present some of our favorite songs.  We had the opportunity to be part the first performance at Hamilton East Public Library’s new makerspace, IGNITE Studio!  In July, we partnered up with the Fishers Youth Assistance Program again to help distribute groceries to the needy families of our fair city!

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    And just a few weeks ago, we sang the Star Spangled Banner at Victory Field, in front of an audience of 9000+!


    Note that rehearsals are shifting to Wednesday evenings this season, to accommodate some outstanding future opportunities for our chorus.  More info coming soon!

  • Season 3 Finale
  •  Date Posted: Tue, May 8 2018
    Season 3 Finale

    Additionally, all FCC alumni (from all seasons) are welcome to once again join our season-end party at Victory Field.  We will start the day with our performance of The Star Spangled Banner before the first pitch.  Then we'll enjoy a beautiful night of friendship, fresh air, and fun!  Bring the whole family for a lovely day at the ballpark!  Online reservations can be made at our Yapsody! page.

    We will have one short rehearsal, at 7pm on July 17, at Hamilton East Public Library's lower level, the future home of IGNITE! Studios, an exciting new arts-based makerspace that will be opening on July 21st to the public.  For more info or to reserve tickets, contact us at with the subject line "2018 Indians Game."

    Processing fees apply to all online purchases.


    Thanks so much for all you do for our now-not-so-little choir!  We hope you’re all as excited for our final performance on May 22 as we are!  It’s been a great year, marked by numerous community-building performances. We’ll be finishing up our season inspired by hope and unity with a concert at the picturesque Geist Christian Church Mud Creek Campus.  Keeping with this year’s theme, we will be taking a free-will offering after the performance to benefit Fishers Youth Assistance Program.  We can’t wait to share this great show with you.  Bring the whole family!

    Fishers Youth Assistance Program (FYAP) was formed in 2014 to help strengthen youth and families through community involvement.  Like other peer Youth Assistance Programs throughout Hamilton County, local volunteers develop and provide access to programs and services that promote positive growth experiences and enhance home and community relationships. 

  • Welcome Back!!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jan 18 2018

    It feels as though these were taken just a week ago!   A special thanks goes out to all of our Fishers Community Chorus singers, orchestra members, and our community partners. So much activity in such a short time – none of which would have been possible without your dedication to our vision and contributions to our goals. Join us in thanking the following :

    • STAR Financial Bank
    • Cornerstone Lutheran Church
    • Indianapolis Children’s Choirs
    • Community Health Networks North Campus
    • Fishers Farmers Market/Fishers Parks and Recreation
    • Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy
    • Propeller Marketing
    • Dale Basham

    We at FCC hope your holiday season was as filled with warmth and sharing as ours was.  Sharing our songs with the Fishers community adds a certain level of fulfillment that can’t easily be explained in text.  Just know that we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the cultural fabric of our city!

    After a VERY busy Christmas season, we took a little time off to enjoy the holidays and our families.  Now it’s time to reconvene our MUSICAL family once again for the remainder of our 2017-2018 season.  We will be performing with the combined choirs of Hamilton Southeastern High School in February.  We will again join the celebration of inclusion and hope that is presented by Fishers Advisory Committee on Disability in March.  We will have our Spring concert in May, and then finish our season with a day at the ballpark in June.

    Does this sound interesting to you? NO AUDITIONS REQUIRED! Join us January 9 at 7 pm (come early for some hobnobbing and whatnotting) at Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy in Fishers to learn more. Address is linked below.

    We hope to see (and hear) you there!

  • Happy Holidays
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Nov 15 2017
    Happy Holidays



    “STAR Financial Bank presents the Fishers Community Chorus Christmas Concert” will be performed on Saturday, December 2, at Cornerstone Lutheran Church in Fishers. The concert will feature 60 voices performing traditional sacred Christmas music and fun holiday favorites, accompanied by a live orchestra.  The evening will also feature a special guest appearance by the Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s Preparatory Choir.  This is the ensemble’s first ticketed show and first full performance with an orchestra.

    The chorus is also proud to announce their first community sponsor of a performance. STAR Financial Bank is the title sponsor of the holiday concert and has donated $3,500 to the Fishers Community Chorus. “This is the first time that STAR Financial Bank has partnered with a choir,” stated Gavin Fisher, Vice-President, Senior Retail Sales Officer. “We are proud to join with the Fishers Community Chorus to share the sounds of the holiday season with our community.”

    To welcome all area families to the performance, admission is free for children 18 years old and younger. Adult admission is $10.

    The “STAR Financial Bank’s Fishers Community Chorus Christmas Concert” will also help serve the community by initiating a food drive to benefit local food pantries. Concert-goers are encouraged to donate canned or boxed food items at the Cornerstone Lutheran Church drop-off site during the performance.  Pre-concert donations are also welcome at the Fall Creek Township Center (116th and Brooks School, behind the fire station) all Fishers STAR Financial Bank Branches:  116th & Allisonville, 96th St & I-69, Olio Rd, and 146th and SR-37.

    “The Fishers Community Chorus was designed to bring music to the community and bring neighbors together who share a love of music,” stated Schuyler Brinson, Artistic Director and Conductor. “Holiday music is always a favorite and we’ve created an entertaining program to kick off the season.”

    The “STAR Financial Bank’s Fishers Community Chorus Christmas Concert” is the ensemble’s first of three holiday events this year. On Friday, December 8, the Fishers Community Chorus will be a featured performer at the White River Chamber Orchestra’s 4th Annual Christmas Extravaganza in Noblesville. Also in December, the choir will spread holiday cheer with Christmas caroling performances in the lobby of Community Hospital North in Castleton.

    Since it’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit, now’s the time to plan to attend upcoming local musical performances. The “STAR Financial Bank’s Fishers Community Chorus Christmas Concert” will share the sounds of the season with all of the community. Celebrate this magical time of year with family, friends and song.

  • Season 3 Off and Roaring
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Sep 15 2017
    Season 3 Off and Roaring

    At the onset of our 3rd season, we welcomed over 30 new faces to our preseason reception.  Along with our returning members, we are trending toward a chorus of nearly 70 total singers!  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our media partners, Larry LannanCurrent in Fishers and Fishers Magazine.  Our “Test Drive” period ends next Tuesday, so we will close all registration after that rehearsal (7pm, Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy).

    As we gear up toward a VERY active holiday season, we want to thank all of the newcomers for their interest.  We’ve picked up a lot of GREAT voices, but some others have decided to delay their membership.  Fret not!  We will have a mid-season registration period in January, after our holiday break.  Stay Tuned here for more details!

    For those of you who are now in the fold, please consult this page or our Facebook Group for updates on practice guides and rehearsal schedules.  We will be developing a phone tree in the next week or two, just in case of unforeseen changes with any of our scheduled events.

  • More Local Media Support
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Aug 14 2017
    More Local Media Support
    Our very own Marc Feeney sat down with Current in Fishers’ Anna Skinner to talk about FCC’s upcoming 2017-2018 season.  Read the feature article here.
  • Larry in Fishers features FCC!!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 10 2017

    Local media icon Larry Lannan reached out this week to our Conductor and Company Manager for a feature podcast interview.  The conversation circled around the secrets to our special brand of success, the plans for our Season 3 Kickoff Party, and what drives Schuyler and Marc to forge onward and upward with new ideas for our blossoming group.  We’re honored to have the opportunity to share even a part of our story with the community.

    Stream or download the podcast here.  It’s perfect for your morning/afternoon commute or as dinner prep background noise.  We’re sure you’ll find some new insight into the purpose and character of this group!

  • Season 3 Announcement
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jul 27 2017

    After another VERY productive leadership committee meeting, our upcoming season is coming together very nicely.  Here’s a brief preview:

    It didn’t take much introspection for us to come to the conclusion that our chorus exists not because of the songs we sing.  It doesn’t matter where we sing them.  It only matters that we have created our own “tribe” of like-minded, supportive, and creative neighbors.  In a time when people are becoming more and more secluded and isolated we have created a place to gather together and become more than the sum of our parts.  This season, we’ll be focusing heavily on the foundation for our success…


    Our 2017-2018 season will begin Tuesday, August 29, at 7pm at Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy.  Please add this to your calendars now, so you don’t miss your opportunity to check us out!  We’re starting the 2017-2018 season with a social gathering, so we can get to know you, each other, and why people join our ranks.  We’ll be providing some light refreshments, a few presentations from our conductor and company manager, and some fun activities that will introduce or reacquaint you with Fishers Community Chorus. You’ll also be introduced to members of our leadership committee, and provided with a personal contact to answer your individual questions.

    We are very excited to share another year of song with all of you.  Don’t believe it? We have a countdown on the side of our homepage.  We genuinely can’t wait to meet you!

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