FCC 2021-2022 Season Reconvenes Tomorrow!

FCC 2021-2022 Season Reconvenes Tomorrow!
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Posted By: Marc Feeney
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Date Posted: Mon, Feb 7 2022
Ladies and Gents!

Remember that Tuesday, Feb 8 is our first post-holiday rehearsal.  Tomorrow will be an easy one.  We'll do a quick listen/read-through of some tunes with high potential for this Spring's concert, then probably adjourn a bit early.  Will be updating the website throughout the week to update dates, song info, and other pertinent details.  If you have not already subscribed to the calendar, I recommend you do so.  There won't be a lot of dates to remember for this half of the season, but we are still waiting on a couple of those planes to land for final confirmation.

You know the drill.  7pm, Hub & Spoke  😁

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!!