Sponsor Fishers Community Chorus

A non-profit chorus, Fishers Community Chorus is self funded, with most of our operating revenue coming from our members.  All of our incoming revenue is used for various administrative expenses attributed to chorus operations.  With the costs of instrumental accompaniment, venue rentals, sheet music clinicians, and technology, our season budget typically is in excess of $5000. 

...and that's before we even get to the flashy choreography !  😉

In order to make Fishers Community Chorus affordable and accessible to all interested members, we are always on the lookout for fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.  Sponsors can take many shapes and sizes.  Contributions from our prior and existing sponsors have been financial, in-kind, or the donation of their time and resources to help us achieve our goals.  We are always appreciative for the sponsorship of any company willing to provide us with financial or in-kind support.  

We are an ensemble under the umbrella of Fishers Music Works, Inc.  Consult with your tax professional to see how your contribution to this registred and valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization may be deducted from your taxes.

For full details please contact our Chorus Manager, Marc Feeney: .
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